Tours & Experiences

Capri Boat Tour

A nice cruise on a typical Sorrentine boat that will take you to Capri Island. Cruise around the Island, discovering the most fascinating bays and the Blue Grotto. Afterwards, enjoy free time in this charming town and visit must-see spots. An iced coffee or lemon sorbet while sitting in a bar “la Piazzetta”, and window shopping are a must.

Positano & Amalfi Boat Tour

Incomparable and breathtaking views will enchant you during the cruise along the Amalfi Coast. The first stop will be in Amalfi to discover the beautiful cathedral of the ancient “repubblica marinara”. A couple of hours in the afternoon will let you to see Positano, a magical village situated on a hill that leads down to the gorgeous shoreline.

Pompeii & Vesuvius by boat

This new and exciting way to get to Pompeii will help you avoid traffic, giving you more time to explore and learn about the site. Visit the ruins of the most important archeological site in Italy, where you will see an ancient Roman town with houses, baths, temples, theatres and forums. Afterwards, experience a visit to the most dangerous active volcano in Europe: Mt. Vesuvius.

Amalfi by Car Experience

A deluxe chauffeured minivan will take you along the winding road of the Amalfi Coast stopping in the most interesting places. The tour ends in Ravello, high above the stunning Amalfi Coast. This serenely elegant town offers unforgettable views, gorgeous gardens, aristocratic architecture and poetic inspiration.

Pompeii by Train

An official Tour Guide will accompany you to the largest and most famous archeological site in the world. The local train “Campania Express” will stop just in front of the main entrance of the ruins.

Sunset Boat Tour & Romantic Dinner

Book this unforgettable experience on our luxurious boat.  Enjoy a colorful sunset, drink prosecco, and have a gourmet dinner in a restaurant by the sea.

Amalfi Coast by Scooter

An alternative and fun way to discover beautiful villages. Riding a scooter or an Italian “vespa” will make you feel alive and free. A tour guide will escort you on your ride followed by a tour in the most interesting places in the various villages.

Treasures & Tastes of Naples 

A nice stroll in the historical center of the city combinines art treasures like churches, as well as an experience of Neapolitan cultural traditions, all while enjoying genuine local street food like “pizzette” and “sfogliatelle”. This tour will capture all of your senses.

Guided Tours & Local Friend

Our region has many interesting places to see such as catacombs, churches, museums and royal palaces. Pick your option and a Tour Guide will assist you or ask your Local Friend for a tip, which will make your holiday a truly unique experience.

Path of the Gods

The Path of the Gods is one of the most beautiful trails in the Amalfi Coast area.  Through blooming trees, colorful villages, and relaxing views of the ocean, you will feel calm and at peace as you enjoy a wondrous view of the landscape. 

Monte Faito

Want to hike to the highest point of the Sorrento Peninsula? Enjoy a breathtaking view of the Sorrento Peninsula when you take the Monte Faito hiking tour!  It is a popular destination in the summer to escape from the humidity and crowds of the city.

Capri Hiking Tour

This walking tour of Capri Island will take place outside of the crowded areas of Capri. Taking this tour will allow you to see breathtaking view of trees and villages, as well as the beautiful blue skyline and ocean of Capri.

Pasta Tour in Gragnano

The city that is famous all over the world for pasta: Gragnano. Through this tour you will visit local pasta factories in the Gragnano area, learn about the production of pasta, and become a master at making pasta!

Oil and Lemon Tour

Italy is notorious for its delicious foods; in particular, its wine, cheese, olive oil and lemons! Learn about the production of these famous delicacies, and then enjoy the delicious taste of these freshly-prepared items!

Path of Minerva

This coastal path is rich in history, for it has been considered a sacred land since ancient times; it is the point where land ends, and the sea begins to stretch far into the distance. It is famous in Greek mythology, and is also famous for its beautiful views of the ocean!

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